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Stargt 12

Emblem of the Bromus Collective

Alliance inceptionEdit

A group of 2 friends, discussing at lunch time, while at work. Came up with the idea of creating their own alliance. Names were hard to come up with, so they travelled down the slang path. A couple of bros, hanging out........... Bromus Collective. POLSKI and Bird Flu, were the founding fathers.


Bird Flu, is the current leader and has been since inseption. Hades the Great is thr second in command, Catbreath though, is our honory guidence leader.

Other Senior PositionsEdit

Ambassador - Craigsman, Recruitment Officer - Blackjack5.


Our members have grown from 3, in the early days, and for a long time. To now where we have 26 current members.

MAJOR MEMBERS Bird Flu, POLSKI, Catbreath, Craigsman, Blackjack5, Hades_the_great, Darmo, Beast1, Ghost756, Zimbo, Trojan564, Lance Hellsing, Vincent Valentine, Deni.


We don't lust after war, we live to exist. All our our allies, shall be nameless to protect them.


Catbreath, Bird flu's first and only commander, and Catbreath's first officer, was the first official member to join. He came to us from a dying alliance. The next members were 7 of 9 boyfriend and Obsidian, and it stayed this way for at least 8 months.


None to speak of!!

Peace treatiesEdit


Many, but as stated earlier, their names shall be secret to protect them


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