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The Disciples of Fire is an aggressive alliance, themed heavily after the Ori. They maintain a strong presence in ChaosGateWars. Membership is open to Children of the Ori, with few exceptions for other races willing to follow Origin.

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Disciples of Fire
Political information
Type of government


Founding document

The Book of Origin



De facto leader

Lord Morlock

Societal information


Official language





Hallowed are the Ori

Historical information
Date of establishment

January 19th, 2005

Date of reorganization

August 26th, 2006

Date of fragmentation

July 25th, 2006

Date of restoration

August 21st, 2006


Wave 1


History Edit

Origins and brief historyEdit

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Early years Edit

Decline (if any) Edit

As in secedings as well as losing of members.

Involvement in Wars Edit

Reorganization Edit

If applicable

Alliance Sects (if any) Edit

Political organizationEdit

Operations Edit

Heads of State Edit

  1. Lord Morlock
  2. Hercanic
  3. Dawnthief
  4. Mattwell

Positions Edit

Method of Election Edit

Notable Members Edit


The rankings are designed to reflect one's devotion to Origin, and contributions thereof.


(New Member)

"You are new, and we're here to help you get acclimated. Should you have any questions, the Library is always open. If you decide to pledge yourself to the true path of Origin, you will advance to the rank of Votary and broaden your rights on our forum."


(Trial Member)

"Earn your wings and show us you are worthy of Origin. Although your rights are restricted, if you demonstrate a respectable level of activity and loyalty you will advance to become a full Disciple."


(Full Member)

"You are considered a full-fledged member of our alliance, and as such may request the protection of the Templar should you be in need. You have two advancement opportunities, either pledging to be a Templar or demonstrating yourself as an active Acolyte."
"Maintaining MSN communication with the Ori is encouraged."


(Active Member)

"Contribute to our alliance however you can, even with something as simple as being an active poster on the forums or recruiting followers to our cause. Display this loyalty over a protracted amount of time, and you will qualify to be a Prior."
"You must maintain MSN communication with the Ori to be eligible for Priorhood."


(SS Member)

"The path to Ascension represents your influence over the world around you. In ChaosGateWars the highest attainable form of control is Supporter Status. Those with such powers are deemed Ori."
  • Ori Minor: "You wield the forces of Ascension, but are not yet strong enough to properly influence the mortal realm."
  • Ori Superior: "You are formidable enough to affect the mortal realm, having achieved a rank above 150 and a total power surpassing 2 quadrillion. Should you choose to sponsor a worthy subject for Enlightenment, they will be promoted to a Prior, and you will henceforth be known as their Ori Patron."
  • Ori Patron: See Positions

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Liaison and diplomacyEdit

Discuss if the alliance are impartial diplomats and if they serve as moderators and negotiators during disputes or if the alliance is agressive. Examine if the alliance is peaceful, seeking cosmic domination, or are destructive.

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