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Biology Edit

The Goa'uld are a parasitic species that naturally posses a craving for power. In their natural form they are nothing more than snake-like creatures. The Goa'uld are born from asexual mothers known as Queens. When a Goa'uld parasite is “born” they inherit the genetic memory of the one that came before it. Infant Goa'uld must be incubated within aquatic containers that supply a constant electrical current. The infant Goa'uld can also be incubated within the pouches of Jaffa. This incubation process goes on for several years before the parasite reaches its mature state and is ready to take a host. When a Goa'uld is prepared to take a host it burrows its way through the rear of the neck and wraps itself around the upper spinal column as it moves toward the brain. It instantly gains control of the hosts body and suppresses the consciousness.

History Edit

The first hosts that the Goa'uld took were a species that existed on the same planet as them. They were the Unas. Inhabiting the bodies of the Unas allowed the Goa'uld to utilize the Stargate and travel through galaxy. For awhile the Goa'uld were a race on the verge of extinction. That is until the Supreme System Lord Ra discovered Earth. Ra saw the opportunity to save his species. He took a young boy as his host. He used his advanced knowledge and technology to pose as a god. He then used the rest of Earth's population as slave labor on various other planets throughout the galaxy.

Culture and Society Edit


The Goa'uld race is headed by a governing body called the System Lords. This group is made up of the most powerful of Goa'uld. While the Goa'uld are feudal in nature and are usually feuding with one another over resources or land, the System Lords attempt to bring some order to the chaos. Even though the System Lords themselves are usually warring amongst one another.

Culture Edit

The Goa'uld are parasitic in every form. Their Culture is completely assimilitated from their conquerings.

Power base Edit

Goa'uld power is based on the fact that their followers think of them as gods and worship them blindly. Their power also stems from the race known as Jaffa. The Jaffa are a warrior race whom serve the Goa'uld. Jaffa are the Goa'uld's sole power base; and the creation of the Rebel Jaffa Nation has severely weakened the Goa'uld.