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Massing is the repeated attack of one player with the intent of harming the player, as opposed to farming.

One method of massingEdit

Step One Edit

Make sure you have a healthy stockpile of turns and also a good supply of naquadah for repairs (dont worry about the naq that can be farmed but its nice to have, the turns are essential however)

Step Two Edit

Find your target. In times of war go for either somebody with a defense you can beat comfortably or somebody with a lot of Supers/Defeders.

Step Three Edit

Press attack. Hit for one turn. Then hit Again! at the top of the details. Now hit for one turn again but this time mash the attack button repeatedly.

Step Three A Edit

If you are attacking someone to take down there defense, once you see you have softened them with one turn hot for 15 turns and again mash the attack button (Once you have taken all their naquadah you can also mash the Raid button). This does more damage to both sides so remeber to repair weapon damage often.

Step Three B Edit

If you are hitting to kill supers continue to hit with one turn (Once you have taken all their naquadah you can also mash the Raid button) until it is no longer nessesary to hit anymore (i.e your killing 2/3/4 a turn.

Step Four Edit

Repair all damages, retrain all losses.

Step Five Edit

Return to step one.