The Protected Planets Treaty (or PPT) is a game aspect that is widely recognized for its strategic value and its protection.


PPT is a 2 day protection against attacks in any form: Sabotage, Massing, planet stealing, and so on. While you are on PPT you can not attack, raid, sabotage, or spy on other people without losing your protection.

Applying for PPT Edit

Applying for PPT is done in various manners:

  • Trading on Market [All Values fluctuate]
    • costs 5,020,000,000 Naquadah in a multiple of 2 (overall, 10,040,000,000)
    • 6,600 UU in a multiple of 2 (overall about 13,200 uu)
    • 136 Turns in a multiple of 2 (overall about 272 turns)
  • Purchasing $10 Infusion bonus, $20 FSS or $50 USS
  • Ascension also allows the user to go on PPT(as FSS is given upon ascention, PPT is included in FSS hence why there isa PPT given)

Usage of PPT Edit

Many players use PPT when Ascending, beginning the game, and when attempting to gain rank.

The protection PPT provides allows for quick growth with no risk or loss of valuable resources.

PPT in the SGW World Edit

PPT is frowned upon by the SGW community. It is considered cowardly. The most popular reference and taunting of PPTs are aimed at Teal'auc, who has been a firm anti-PPT advocate. During the AK-Omega War, she was forced to go on PPT against her beliefs. Primarily, PPT is used to escape damage in war and to accumalate resources.

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