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Raistlin Majere
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9 November 2005

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Raistlin Majere has been a player of StargateWars since October 2005. His ID is 38997. Raistlin is and always has been Replicator/NanoTiMaster.

Introductions to the GameEdit

Raistlin Majere started StargateWars at the request of Mulletman. He was first called dipper_11 and has since changed his name twice, once to HeWhomMustBeAvoided and then to Raistlin Majere, a name he holds currently.


Raistlin Majere (then dipper_11) was an officer of Lord_Sokek. As Lord_Sokek was a member of the System Lord Alliance, he tried to join but was rejected due to his race. He went searching for an alliance and was recruited into the ranks of Dark Twilight by WaReHouSe. Raistlin Majere was unsatisfied by the lack of organization in Dark Twilight and left them, again in search of an alliance. From here he joined Archangels of Destruction and was witness to the splitting that they underwent. Due to his lack of strength, he was placed in Archangels Beta under the command of ZPMMaker.

Raistlin Majere as a CommanderEdit

Raistlin Majere has had quite a number of officers, many of whom still ask to return under his command although he currently has no officers and has no plans to change this in the near future. When he did have officers, he helped them generously and made many accomdations in an effort to further their goals while maintaining his own account.


Other achievementsEdit


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