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Feb. 06 2006

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Shaba began playing Stargate Wars in February 2006. On the main server, his ID is 58181. Shaba is registered on the Ascended server.

Introduction to the Game Edit

Shaba first learned of this game through his brother, Raynarsan. He was Shaba's first Commander and led him to join the Los Chuchos alliance which is still in existance. After that, Shaba stayed without an alliance until he stumbled upon Crystal Force and asked to join. Shaba was accepted and worked his way up to Division 2 where he remained until the war with The Grand Alliance and Crystal Force was disbanded. Shaba then created an alliance with the help of Lord Morlock. It was called Disciples of Fire and lasted for about 2 months. Shaba then created EvolutionLegends which he resently disbanded. Shaba was then part of Dark Dominium II for a short while. Shaba then joined DxM and was there for almost a year. He then quit playing Stargatewars and has just recently returned.

Allegiances Edit

Shaba's allegiance lies with his friends. He is currently at total peace with Lord Morlock, Raynarsan, Tamjce, Dapice, BELISKNER, st00rm, Hercanic, Dawnthief, kr0n1c, Magicana, and Arcanis, Robe, Magni

Shaba believes that everyone is a potential ally until he is given a reason to believe otherwise.

Shaba as a Commander Edit

Shaba has had 30 officers, but currently he has none due to recently returning to the game

Shaba on the forums Edit


Ascension Edit

Shaba has ascended and is currently known as a Living God of the Ori

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