Tauri Asgard Alliance
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February 2005

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November 2005

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February 2006


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The TAA was founded on the first or second week of the game being started (putting us into the first five alliances still around today that were created). The founding members were Skyflame and Commander Jas, with one Elongar joining in soon enough.

They slowly began to amass members, the first of which was Blake, at that time a noob, who became Skyflame's officer. All was going well, at at about 60 members or so, the alliance system came into play. They lost Blake and Elongar to the BAU and EPA respectivley, but the member count spiked into the hundreds. They were always in the top 20, and we were even 4th at one point (for exactly 25 hours and 31 minutes!).

In June 2005 The TAA was betrayed by a player known as heyyou, it was at this time that [[TauriDundee] joined the TAA. This was also the time of the TAA's assault agains heyyou. He was sabbed and massed into submission, deleting his account.

The TAA then sat in a period of peace, nothing significant happened for many months them cruising the top 20 alliances, until disaster struck in October 2005. People were receiving threats and there was talk that the TAA was being targetted by numerous alliances.

It turned out this was not true but the damage had been done. The TAA was disbanded and was never to be the same again.

Those loyal to the TAA joined up with the EPA, taking refuge there to gather their strength. Shortly after the TAA reformed as the TAA Reincarnate, however a number of members decided to stay with the EPA.

This was a blow to the TAA however was an understandable decision by those who stayed.

From this time there were many plans to get the TAA back on its feet, however they never fully recovered from the disbandment.

In February 2006 the TAA completely disbanded and was merged in the EPA

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