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The Tauri Alliance was begun by Opticallove and Evilhomer both started playing in February of 2005.

History Edit

The Tauri Alliance, originally an alliance of Tauri and Asgard players of the MMORPG "Stargate Wars" (Now Gate Wars) was created in February 2005 by two players, Opticallove and Evilhomer.

With the addition of BrotherCrit, SCThor, SCBen, Wolf359, Blitz, and a few others, The Tauri Alliance soon became more aggressive, entering into several highly visible skirmishes and all out wars with the Order of Chaos, referred to as the OoC.

Alliance Wars Edit

  • Saz and her "mini-onions" were knocking at the door. War broke out. Wars lost, wars were won, and all in all we had a good time.

Opti quit, and left the TA in a bit if a hitch. After some weeks (months?) of inactivity, Evilhomer decided to try and rebuild the TA. And, wouldn't you know it, not long after re-forming, we saw an old friend on the horizon, the OoC. Sooooooooo, we fought again. It was fun again for a bit, but, some of it got out of hand, and people didnt know where to draw the line. Libra and Evil called a truce. Enter what I like to call "the slow time" where aside from a half-hearted war with Omega, we did nothing at all. Evilhomer got bored. He left and joined the Old Skool TA with the original members of the TA, and now Fury (yikes!) is in charge of the TA, best of luck to him and all of the lot. When Fury dissapeared the TA High Council desided it was time for a new President. Manetheren then became the leader of the TA .

~More to follow~

"Traprunner is my favorite TA hero." ~Everyone

"Traprunner is my favorite TA hero." ~Doc Holiday

"Doc Holliday is my favorite TA hero." ~No-one