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WarEagle has been gaming until 22:18:53 19th October 2005. His player ID code is 39970 on StarGateWars and 537 on ChaosGateWars. WarEagle is also a registered player on QuantumWars and TheMatrixWars, but frequents them less.

Introductions to the gameEdit

WarEagle was first introduced to StarGateWars on June 24, 2005 by Tarn Vedran. Tarn Vedran had sent WarEagle an e-mail through Gmail.

"6/24/05 - Mr. Warlock I was wondering if you would care to enlist and be an officer in my newly formed army. No pressure. You would be my second in command. You can access it at this web site [link]."
— Tarn Vedran
"Invalid address, go to [link]."
— Tarn Vedran

Not really impressed, WarEagle proceeded to close the window. After a week, SGW flourished at school. XGate had been brainwashed. jack o'neal and xRay caught on. WarEagle joined in now.


The argument of whose officer and alliance WarEagle ceased when the four classmates (XGate, Tarn Vedran, jack o neal, and WarEagle) created the alliance called The Pact.

WarEagle as a commanderEdit

At first, WarEagle was the officer of Tarn Vedran. He later switched to XGate. Then d0uble_t offered a better deal and so WarEagle took officership under d0uble_t for a while. Eventually, two officers, idlewild and BillyMan made WarEagle their commanders. Since then, WarEagle worked hard to help his officers rise in rank and also made himself his commander.


WarEagle was close to ascending, but was destroyed by Vn70072. He never was able to ascend, despite later efforts and help from fellow friends.

Other achievementsEdit

WarEagle also became leader of The Pact at one time. He managed to get the alliance to the top of page 2.


  • Tarn Vedran
  • XGate
  • jack o neal
  • d0uble_t
  • the Chosen
  • tjhil7
  • thebank

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